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The O2O program leverages two strategic partnerships as well as its on-base teams to support the career placement goals of our participants and to fulfill O2O’s commitment to provide at least one interview to each participant upon successful completion of all phases of the program. Through a team-based approach, the IVMF and its partners ensure a robust coalition of employer partners seeking military talent, as well as regular cohorts of graduates who have received both training and career coaching which has been tailored to the needs of our hiring partners.

Installation Teams work to recruit employers both locally and regionally, expanding our network of employer partners and identifying areas of potential opportunity to meet the geographic needs of our participants. The IVMF surveys these employers regarding their hiring needs and ensures the O2O curriculum matches the goals of our employer partners, providing training to program participants which is designed to meet the industry partners’ needs. Installation teams execute individual learning plans and closely monitor each participant’s training status, tracking when each individual is ready for resume and interview assistance or interview matching. Hire Heroes USA provides intense, one-on-one coaching, resulting in a resume tailored toward O2O employer partners’ unique hiring processes and opportunities for mock interviews modeled after O2O employers’ hiring techniques. Finally, HHUSA matches O2O candidates with interview opportunities by continually monitoring the training status, qualifications, and transition timeline of program participants, matching the O2O labor supply with appropriate interview opportunities with participating employers.

While working through their online training curriculum, participants will undergo the following steps with Hire Heroes USA:

1. Meet Your Veteran Transition Specialist

Following your classroom training, you will be sent instructions via email on how to access your online training. Once you’ve completed 30% of the online training, you will be assigned a Veteran Transition Specialist (VTS) from Hire Heroes USA.

Your VTS plays an important role in your O2O journey. Think of this person as your career preparation coach, helping to refine your resume and fully prepare you for your upcoming interviews.

Your VTS will contact you by phone and email to set up an initial evaluation. The evaluation provides a better understanding of each individual’s employment preferences, such as whether they are willing to relocate, what career field they would like to enter, salary goals, etc. Information obtained in the evaluation is essential for the Hire Heroes USA O2O Coordinator during the interview matching process to ensure that you receive career opportunity matches that will be of interest to you and that align with your employment preferences.

2. Create or Finalize Your Resume

After completing the initial evaluation, your VTS will ask you to provide your current resume and proof of service in the form of a DD-214, FITREP, NCOER, ORP, ERB ORB, etc.

Your VTS will review your resume and provide feedback to make it stronger. If you don’t have a resume, your VTS will assist you in creating one, utilizing information obtained from your service records, performance evaluations and conversations with you. It is strongly recommended that your resume is put into Hire Heroes USA’s standard format, as this format is recognized and accepted by all O2O partnered employers.

3. Opportunity Matching

Once your resume is finalized and you have demonstrated to your on-base team that you are on track to complete the online training, the Hire Heroes USA O2O Coordinator will start looking for opportunity matches based on the information you provided in the initial assessment.

At this time, the Hire Heroes USA O2O Coordinator may directly reach out to you about possible opportunities. It is essential for you to be responsive to contact attempts from your Hire Heroes USA VTS!

We cannot successfully connect you to an interview opportunity if your VTS is unable to reach you and gain the necessary information to facilitate the matching process.

While the O2O Coordinator works through the matching process, all O2O participants are encouraged to review the O2O Partner Employer Guide, as well as all available job openings listed on each employer’s website.

Please note: in order to be matched and presented to an O2O employer for a position, you must meet the minimum qualifications for that position. If you have any questions about whether your experience meets those minimum qualifications, please reach out to the O2O Coordinator to discuss the opportunity.

Once a match has been identified, we recommend that you review the position and work with your VTS to revisit your resume and tailor it to that specific job. Once your resume has been tailored for the job opportunity and you have submitted it to your VTS or the Hire Heroes USA O2O Coordinator, you will be presented to the employer. Some employers may have online applications. Please do not apply online unless the O2O Coordinator specifically directs you.

4. Interview Preparation

In preparation for your interview with a partnered employer, we highly recommend that you reach out to your VTS to schedule a mock interview with one of Hire Heroes USA’s volunteers. The mock interviewer is typically a volunteer from a corporation in a similar industry that you’re trying to enter into, and they will ask interview questions that are relevant to the position you are seeking.

At the end of your mock interview, the interviewer will provide feedback on what you did well and provide suggestions for improvement. This mock interview service can be utilized multiple times in preparation for any scheduled interviews you might have.

5. Interview with O2O Partnered Employer

After you are presented to the partnered employer, the employer will reach out to you via phone call or email to schedule your interview. Remember, it is important to make sure your voicemail is set up with a professional greeting and that you are checking your emails regularly.

6. Post-Interview Responsibilities

After the interview, please send a ‘thank you’ note to the individual(s) that conducted the interview. If the individual interviewing you said it was appropriate to follow up at a certain time, do not hesitate to reach out to them at that designated time.

Each employer has a different timeline for extending a job offer. Some O2O partnered employers have condensed this timeline for O2O candidates. For example, one partnered employer condensed their average hiring timeline from four months to one month for O2O candidates. If you are not selected for a position, you will be notified by the employer via phone call or email.

 If you are offered a job with an O2O Partner Employer…

Congratulations and job well done! Since your success in securing a position is a success for the Onward to Opportunity program, please be sure to report this news to your VTS, O2O Installation Manager or Coordinator, or the Hire Heroes USA O2O Coordinator. This information is then reported to Onward to Opportunity program leadership so that the program may continue to assist transitioning military members and military spouses.

If you are offered a job with a NON-O2O Partner Employer…

If you are offered a job by an employer outside of our O2O partner network, please let us know right away so we may better serve the O2O participants who need our assistance.

What happens if you don’t get a position with an O2O employer?

Hire Heroes USA understands that the job search process can be daunting; therefore, we will be there to assist you throughout your job search, even if you are not hired by an O2O partner employer. Your Veteran Transition Specialist will continue to assist, coach and mentor you throughout your job search.

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